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SlackMood - Analyse your teams happieness via Slack Emoji use

Jun 27, 2016

We had a hack day at Songkick a few weeks back, and I decided I wanted to build something with Slack. Like any sensible company, we use Slack to help us colaborate and improve communication, but we also use it to share catgifs (we have an entire channel) and a whole host of default, aliased and custom emojis. Based on this, I wondered if I could use our emoji use to gague the average mood of the whole company. And so SlackMood was born.

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Sonos Alarm - Cron powered custom alarms for Sonos

Dec 11, 2015

TL;DR: Installation and usage

We love music in the Songkick office (I mean, we’re a music company, duh), and pretty much always have something playing in the background round the office. We used to run this off a Mac Mini with Spotify, it was a bit crazy, everyone would VNC in and add songs to the playlist and stuff, but it worked pretty well. One of the other advantages of this setup is we could use iCal for custom alerts, we’d have sounds and alarms for Standups, meetings, and - my personal favorite - Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ at 5PM on a Friday when it’s time for cocktails and Show & Tell.

Earlier this year, we upgraded our office to Sonos. There’s a lot of things I love about Sonos, the sound quality is fantastic, and being able to play the music synchronized all round the office is amazing, but I found it’s alarms feature fairly limited. While it supports alarms, they’re more like proper alarms, that interupt the playlist, then there’s that annoying “Sonos Chime” at the end which you can’t disable, so I decided to play around with trying to create my own alarm trigger script, so we could run whatever alarms we wanted in a flexible way.

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TilePaper: Generate OS/X "Shifting Tiles" style wallpapers

Nov 22, 2015

On all my Mac’s I have a folder of pictures, for the screensaver I used the tiled images option which generates a really nice scrolly thing with all the images on which I really like, but my desktop background is just a rotation of those same images.

Now having the images full size as my wallpaper is fine, but I’d much rather see multiple images in the same screen, so I threw together this quick project to generate those.

TL;DR it looks something like this


And you can get the code on Github here

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Running Chef-Shell with Chef-Zero in Test Kitchen

Nov 11, 2015

One of the things I find super useful in the Chef world is Chef-Shell (I think it used to be called Shef). It lets you load an interactive environment where you can debug your Chef code. One of the other things I love is Test-Kitchen.

One of the problems I’ve come up against a few times is trying to debug recipes against Chef-Zero in Chef-Shell on a Test-Kitchen provisioned node. Unfortunately, the Chef-Zero server only lasts the lifetime of the Test-Kitchen kitchen converge phase, even if the provision fails. Sometimes you want your Chef-Shell to have the full context of a run list, data bags etc. to be able to debug what’s going on.

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Nov 8, 2015

So a long time ago, back in like 2007, I had a blog. And it was kind of cool. And there was much rejoicing.

Anyway, life got busy and the blog died and I never got round to sorting it out again. But as a little hack project this weekend I decided to try and revive it in some form or other. I played around with a few things and eventually settled on Jekyll, and the result is what you see here.

It’s still very much a work in progress, but I’m intending to open source the Jekyll setup when I’m happy with it. I’m going to try post more about the random projects I’m working on, interesting stuff I figured out, and just any other general thoughts I happen to have.

If this seems like it intrigues you, I’ll post any new stuff on teh twitterz, or if you’re still living in the 2000’s there’s an RSS feed.

I hope to post some proper content soon